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 We have proudly served Clayton Heights, Cloverdale, and surrounding areas with great pride and delivered great tasting pizza Since 2009.  We provide a flavorful, varied, and high-quality menu to pizza-lovers of all ages and tastes. No matter when you visit us, you can rest assured that each meal you order is fresh, delicious, and one-of-a-kind.

    Clayton Gate pizza has been serving the best quality pizza ever since opened prepared with the highest quality ingredients as well as served with utmost care. With custom recipes and traditional preparation methods being handed down generation after generation, we ensure that our pizza is as fresh as possible.

Clayton Gate Pizza menu offers a variety of pizzas which include the traditional pizzas from Pepperoni and Meat Madness, to Hearty Hawaiian and Great Greek to Clayton Deluxe and more! Our pizzas are prepared only with the freshest ingredients. 

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